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concrete topping compound Sika® EmeriCrete® Topping is premixed and ready-to-use. This type of mix is best for pouring a very thin coat of concrete, such as when topping off or leveling out an existing slab. ARDEX K 301 is a self-leveling Portland cement-based topping and underlayment for fast-track resurfacing and smoothing for exterior and interior applications  APPLICATIONS: Use TRU when a high quality, fast topping, resurfacer or underlayment is Production of Rapid Set cement emits far less CO2 than portland cement. FEATURES/BENEFITS • When properly applied, 1100-CLEAR produces an impermeable film which optimizes water retention. Buying Concrete Resurfacer . 94 $ 107 . Some pros are fond of this stuff, but for small jobs, all-purpose is fine. Yield One 55 lb (25 kg) bag mixed with 0. Bella Vernici’s sprayable overlay compound is the crown jewel of the company’s stainable concrete veneer system. The compound is spread across a hard, concrete floor and leveled with a trowel or roller. A micro-topping is a cementitious product that is normally used as a solution to repair old cracked concrete. 40. It’s generally made from a mixture of sand, coarse aggregate materials, and cementitious materials. SETAKY ® Self-leveling mortars. 3 Joints in Unbonded Topping Slab. Choose professional grade hardeners and toppings for your next industrial flooring project and increase the durability, chemical resistance and life of your floor. Suitable for/on: All types of floor covering E-Cure meets the moisture retention of ASTM C-309 on hard-troweled concrete surfaces. We offer a wide selection of bagged concrete, cement, and mortar with different benefits and uses, so you'll be sure to find the right one for your project. Jan 11, 2019 · If your basement slab lacks sub-slab foam, you'll have to install the insulation above the slab. It is not recommended for taping joints. 5 MPa to 25 MPa can be achieved. For this, the base slab concrete is cast about 3/4-in. Ideal for resurfacing external areas such as paths, drives and parking areas; Walkable after 2-3 hours   In the category of self-leveling concrete there are two main groups of materials: underlayments and toppings. C. O. It can be used over the surface of existing concrete to produce a new wear layer as well as to fill in small surface defects, such as spalls and gouges. below finished elevation and the separate surface is applied after the slab hardens. system or subsequent coating or topping for application approval over concrete cured with resin-based curing compounds. Cemix Easyflor results in a floor topping having superior adhesion, strength. Dec 01, 1996 · Next, a bond-breaker (separation layer) is applied. Micro- topping's resistance has been tested with mechanical and t 22 Jan 2011 After using 22 bags of topping cement to bring the low side of a 30' x 11' room even with the high side I'm left with a middle area that - when a Covet© unique 10mm Polished Concrete Overlay is available in an endless combination of colours & aggregates, no two installations are ever the same. Polymer modified concrete overlays/micro toppings provide a cost effective and durable solution compared to the cost of concrete replacement. Its energy absorbing capacity is significantly greater than topping. For slip added slip resistance, mix Residential contractors and large-scale commercial concrete contractors can install a thin overlay on concrete slabs that have damaged surfaces. Product description. Topping Compound -- A lightweight version of all-purpose joint compound, topping compound is the product professional drywall installers use to top off taped joints. It provides heavy duty protection in key areas subject to abrasion and impact. must be clean, sound, and free of oil, curing compound, dust, mastic a 25 Jan 2016 New design criteria has seen concrete become increasingly in demand mixture , all of which are entirely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). 00/Item) Sheetrock® Brand Topping Joint Compound is a low-shrinkage compound recommended for use in second and third coats over Sheetrock® Brand Taping and All-Purpose Joint Compounds. It has exceptional abrasion resistance making it a number one choice for industrial & domestic settings. ARDEX K 301™ is a self-leveling Portland cement-based topping and underlayment for fast-track resurfacing and smoothing for exterior and interior application Application Over Pre-Set Concrete: Wet cure concrete topping for seven days, covering the slab with concrete curing cover materials or curing blankets. troweling is required. This ensure spaces are returned to full  Plastic sheeting, roofing felt, or a bond-breaking compound is used to prevent bond to the base slab. If concrete is not properly maintained, it can lead to deterioration caused by corrosion opening it up to a plethora of other issues which is why it is important to maintain your concrete structures. compressive strength (ASTM C109): suitable for use as a polished topping in industrial applications above 3/8” tested in accordance with ASTM C1708 Applications SCHÖNOX DSP PLUS is suitable to resurface polished concrete under: above 400 psi / 2. Fig 1: Section of topping concrete over existing slab. Walkable after 2 to 3 hours, polish after only 24 hours; Install from 10mm to 130mm; Abrasion resistant to class AR1. Polishable Self-Leveling Overlayment LEVEL TOP POLISH is an easy-to-use, self-leveling re-surfacing compound, designed for use on either new or worn concrete substrates. Concrete floor topping shall be tested for compliance with surface flatness and levelness tolerances. ARDEX ARDISEAL™ RAPID PLUS is a two-part, self-leveling, semi-rigid polyurea joint filling compound. Save. This is an interior floor where I’m adding more concrete on top CRYSTALLOID LIQUID CEMENT FLOOR HARDENER. While repairing concrete can help fix some of these, the repairs themselves can be noticeable and unattractive. New concrete must cure a minimum of 28 days before either tiling or putting Concrete is strong in compression, but comparatively weak in tension. /cu. Floor topping on concrete or screed surfaces: 37. EPOXY BOND RESURFACER AND PATCHING. DESCRIPTION FLOOR-TOP STG is a standard traffic-grade, single-component, shrinkage-compensated, self-leveling floor topping and underlayment that may be pumped or poured. Aggregates are additives that make up most of a concrete mix. 28 ft3 Select from products offering extending working time to rapid setting concrete repair and concrete patch products designed for quick pedestrian or vehicle traffic. <h4>About 110 Chauncy Street</h4> <p>Chinatown, Boston, MA 02111</p> <p>A&nbsp;76,000 SF merchant-style office building located in Boston's Chinatown district. Feb 17, 2020 · Sand/Topping Mix Preblended combination of cement and sand (no gravel) High-strength mix provides a creamy texture ideal for troweling to a smooth finish: Use for applications from 1/2- to 2-in thickness Can be used as an overlay when repairing and topping damaged concrete Use as a base for laying flagstone and paving bricks The flooring contractor on a project last week placed a 400 square foot area of 3/4 thick self-leveling topping, on top of an existing 50 year old slab, without 3/4" thick self levelling topping on old conrete slab, without surface preparation - Structural engineering general discussion - Eng-Tips All Purpose Joint Compound. For example, if you’re creating a sidewalk that is 4 inches deep, you’d Oct 16, 2020 · Topping Compound: Best Mud for Final Coats . When using Sand/Topping Mix to resurface damaged concrete surfaces 1/2" - 2" (12. Joint compound in the dry form is a powder that usually comes in large paper bags. (916) 660-0140 FAX (916) 660-0142 . Phone/Text. Placeo Cemcol is a super-strong concrete bonding adhesive, and the best choice for instances where the top surface will contain hard aggregates, or be subject to heavy traffic. Nitoflor SLX. Apply a sealing coat of diluted BONDCRETE (BONDCRETE 1:. The topping concrete is then placed directly on the bond-breaker. Mack utilizes a 5000 psi min. The vinyl deck is overtop a living space. ARDEX PC-T. Clean the surface thoroughly Dry Joint Compound . Prime area with Bostik Universal Primer diluted in the ratio 1 part Bostik Universal Primer to 2 parts water. 00-$856. Remove all broken and loose concrete. FASTER Mack's 8'-4" wide plank installs at more than twice the competitors' square footage per crane pick. - Substrate: The surface to which a material or product is applied. Step 1 Clean the surface of the damaged area by removing any loose material such as dirt, oil, or grease and unsound or flaking concrete. GLAZE-COAT CEMENT FLOOR FINISH. USES BondCrete is used as a bonding layer between old and new concrete surfaces and for A composite concrete structural topping can be applied to increase product strength. 38. The Floor Topping Compound FLOOR LEVELING COMPOUND DESCRIPTION Floor Topping Compound is a two component, SBR latex modified cement based leveling mortar. US $755. 63 gallons (2. Trowel Grade Leveler & Underlayment (B-1 Leveler) is a fast setting trowel grade, polymer modified cement based floor underlayment for interior applications. Can be used directly from the container and requires only minimal mixing, thinning, and retempering. 1 Ton (Min Order) 3 YRS Lanxi Kunlun Engineering Material Co. 758,146 views758K views. 4 L) of potable water provides approximately 0. That would be an option. I am hoping to treat the deck and torch on such that they last as long as the metal roof ( 50 years? ). Operating Hours. Sep 04, 2008 · 2. It is a kind of dry-mixed powdery material includes special cement, redispersible polymer powder, cellulose ethers and other active ingredient, is a high-tech environment –friendly product with advanced tech nology and formula refined. Our full range of products includes repair mortars, corrosion protection, and structural strengthening. BARRIER-CEM is an epoxy-cement smooth finishing compound for thin for use with cementitious topping like SASSOITALIA or TOP FLOOR on set concrete  4 Jul 2019 Traditionally, levelling screeds were simply a semi dry mix of OPC cement & sharp screeding sand. As the topping concrete is placed, use stiffbristle brushes to scrub the paste portion of the topping concrete into the SSD substrate ahead of screeding the topping surface. At the job site, it’s mixed with Bella Vernici’s liquid Enforcer, an acrylic polymer, instead of water. Remove and replace applications of concrete floor topping where test results indicate that it does not comply with specified requirements. It spreads across uneven slabs, filling in low spots as it creates a new, level surface. REZKLAD E-FLOORING COMPOUND is a trowel applied epoxy resin topping installed at thicknesses of 3/16" (4. Aegis MSP Cementitious floor topping internal and external trafficable   17 Dec 2015 FLEXI-TOP 555 is a versatile trowel-applied mortar used for patching or toppings of 1/4" or more. Quikrete, on the other hand, is another name-brand product of concrete mix. Pour the next mixed bag on top of the edge of the previously placed material See full list on homedepot. Subfloors must be clean and free of dirt, tar, wax, oil, grease, latex compounds, sealers, curing compounds, release agents, asphalt, water-soluble adhesives, paint, chemicals, loose old cementitious products, joint compounds from drywall installation or any other contaminant that might prevent proper bonding of underlayment. It can be finished much like hard-coat plaster or concrete where the compound is troweled as it's getting hard. Manufacturer: Maxxon ® Corporation 920 Hamel Road P. The difference between PRIME SELF-LEVELING MORTAR and ordinary concrete used as topping are as follows: 1. • Aug 18, 2010. LEVEL-X52can be used to prepare a wide variety of sub-floors for installation of tile, carpet, resilient flooring, wood flooring and many types of surface coatings. 7 cm) with the addition of appropriate aggregate (install at a minimum thickness of 3/8″ / 9. Sep 09, 2018 · Topping compound is less durable but shrinks very little and sands easily, so it is effective for covering taped seams and providing a final, smooth finish coat. See Mixing Ratio section. For instance, you'll usually find two or three brands of topping mud at Home Depot. A small test application is always recommended. Micro-topping can be used over interior surfaces such as: Indoor concrete; Foyers; Hotels; Shopping centers; Open plaza; Museums; Office  Shop Patching Compounds - Cement, Concrete, Mortar in-store or online at Sika Interior Floor Self-Levelling Cement - 22. Where to Use Waste and recycling tipping floors Topping compound is used only to cover up the previous two coats. Share. R. 10 Feb 2021 The thicker floor-leveling compounds, that must be troweled to Some other applications for concrete toppings include warehouse floors, light  CONCRETE OVERLAY SYSTEM, is an innovative system which is used to A compound formed by metallic salts and plugged acids of various nature, it is  Installation of concrete fill and installation of concrete topping in bottoms of compound developing 100 percent of strength of concrete, suitable for use on dry   BONDCRETE for patching or laying up to 6mm topping on concrete floors and driveways. Colours off-white concrete topping free of form insoluble coloured compounds. It is ideal for filling dips in wooden floors or for smoothing concrete ones. Monarch's FloorClad Screeds & Toppings offers highly chemically and mechanically resistant, Epoxy Patch Compound for Permanent Concrete Repairs. AWF PRO Sikaflex 1C SL Kit - Concrete Expansion Joint Filler, Self Leveling, Polyurethane Sealant - Sikaflex 1CSL 10 oz Limestone (12), AWF 2000 Heavy Duty Caulk Gun (1) 5. Polished Concrete Topping. LEVEL TOP STAIN’s acrylic polymer modification provides excellent adhesion, toughness, and long-term durability. It can be used to top coat seams and corner bead. Sika® Level underlayments include a wide range of high flow and strength products for all of your project needs. Unwanted Compounds and Agents A concrete resurfacing mortar, modified with high-performance polymers to provide exceptional bond strength. TYPICAL USES REZKLAD E-FLOORING COMPOUND is a high-quality epoxy floor topping that provides excellent May 29, 2020 · For a given concrete mixture, the total ultimate concrete shrinkage strain is the same for all types of topping slab thicknesses, but the duration to achieve that ultimate shrinkage is longer for thicker slabs. The torch on is also concrete patch and topping specialties • thermal dry insect fogging compound (insect-o-fog plus) • hi dielectric strength wasp and hornet aerosol (hi-power) SureBroom is a concrete broom overlay mix that comes in a gray or white mix. Creative Concrete Concepts BondCrete Bonding Slurry T-BondCrete-12-12 www. Conforms to ASTM C-309 Type I and AASHTO M-148 Type II Areas of Applications : Walls, columns, dams, motorways, concrete floors and etc. Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm Blog by Dal Stanton. Patio or driveway concrete overlay is for old or damaged concrete with SureCrete’s just add water mix and when applied properly, our broom overlay product test well over 6000 PSI when cured. Reinforcement and temporary screed battens in the foreground. 4 mm. Concrete topping slab is an overlay designed to provide a dense, abrasion-resistant, and a finished floor surface for multiple purposes such as providing a wearing course to support traffic loads in parking facilities and bus terminals, providing a level surface for interior floors, providing special base for electrical and mechanical equipment, and to resurface worn or damaged floors. May also be used as a concrete topping with a minimum 1/4" even in industrial applications subject to rolling loads. Contact Supplier. , Ltd. Sika® Level SkimCoat is a fast-setting, polymer-modified, cement-based compound that repairs and re-profiles concrete interior subfloors prior to the installation of a floor covering while providing a smooth finish before the installation of carpet and LVT and other floor coverings. Its early strength development makes it the perfect Concrete curing Compound will not darken with age and UV exposure and is designed to allow the unhindered application of most cementitious topping treatments, most commonly used flooring adhesives and most line marking paints. ProForm® Topping ProForm XP® with Dust-Tech ready mix joint compound has achieved well-primed surfaces, including drywall, concrete, plaster,. LATICRETE® L&M™ concrete hardeners and toppings include dry shake floor hardeners and specialty shake-on aggregate floor toppings. 5 – 2" depth) should I wait before leveling with self-leveling compound? I’m mostly concerned that it should be done shrinking/altering shape more than it reaching some sort of maximum strength. The drying time for self-leveling compound varies greatly from one package to the next. Apply the SBR modified Bostik Cempolatex 1 Pack compound and allow to dry. LEVEL TOP POLISH can be ground and polished to achieve a high gloss finish. Repair concrete and protect against future deterioration Master Builders Solutions concrete repair and structural reinforcement products have been protecting people and structures for over 100 years. May 21, 2017 · Ardex 301 would be the exterior self-leveling concrete topping you're probably thinking of incog. Ideal for levelling concrete floors before laying tiles, carpet and vinyl Apply up to 25mm thick in one application Walk on in 2 hours and lay ceramic tiles after just 3 hours. mix design that routinely provides 28-day strengths of over 7500 psi. Blended with specially graded aggregates, it  Polished Concrete Topping. It is also highly workable. Blend of Portland cement & other hydraulic cements; Use with ARDEX Polished Concrete Systems; Cement-Based, Self-Levelling Compound. Concrete floor topping shall be tested for delamination by dragging a steel chain over the surface. There are two types of products given this name, and while they are very similar and the names are often used interchangeably, there is a minor difference: Floor leveling compound must be finished using tools How long after pouring a thin layer of concrete (sand topping between . L&M™ JOINT TITE 750™ JOINT TITE 750 is a self-leveling, 100% solids, two component, rapid curing, polyurea control joint and crack filler. PENEGUARD™ protects concrete and polished concrete floors and cementitious toppings by forming a sealed protective finish resistant to water and stains. One example is the ARDEX K 15 Self-Levelling Sub-Floor Smoothing Compound – still one of the most popular ARDEX products to this day. With the wide range of BST Lightweight Concrete mix designs, densities from 400 kg/m 3 to 1,800 kg/m 3 and compressive strengths from 0. Excellent for all applications; Use for taping, topping and texturing; Excellent bond, easy to sand and low shrinkage Apr 13, 2016 · CTS Rapid Set TRU Self-Leveling Overlay is a hydraulic cement-based, self-leveling topping, re-surfacer and underlayment for both indoor and outdoor jobsites. 8 cm) thick in one operation and up to 5″ (12. Oct 10, 2019 · Patching Compound — Made with calcium sulphate, limestone and crystalline quartz, patching compound sets in about 20 minutes and makes durable repairs on wood, plaster and concrete, and it can be The heritage of ARDEX is a history of breakthrough innovations which have driven the market and changed the way it works. Smooth new or existing concrete Walk on in 3 hr Suitable for use under the ardex moisture control systems - Concrete class – normal: Concrete that is specified primarily by a standard compressive strength grade up to 50 MPa and otherwise in conformance with AS 1379 clause 1. Oct 08, 2020 · Purchase concrete with a fine aggregate for small repairs. Resurface worn and spalled concrete to provide a “new concrete” finish; Suitable for foot and rubber tire traffic on commercial and residential applications; Go to product. water, it become a liquid compound which when spread above 2-3mm ARDEX K15 will level and smooth concrete and other sub- and topping compounds. Brush in well. 3. Compare products, read reviews & get the best deals! Price match guarantee + FREE shipping on eligible orders. <p> I have a new vinly deck and new small flat roof section (torch on). FLOOR-TOP STG is specially designed to smooth out uneven, rough or minor deteriorated interior concrete floors. 3. After seven days, remove cover curing, allow to dry and then continue curing with two coats of high solids, ASTM-C-1315 conforming L&M DRESS & SEAL WB 30 curing and sealing compound. ARDEX PC-T. FEATURES/BENEFITS When properly applied, 1100 produces a premium-grade film, which optimizes water retention. 5 mm if being used as a polished topping). If you plan on leveling a concrete floor, you can do so with relative ease by using a leveling compound. 1 hour. Product Description JAZEFLOOR EMERY TOP is quality control ready – to use dry shake surface floor hardener. We're looking to approve a thin, bonded topping slab. grouts, waterproofing membranes, levelling compounds, repair mortars  15 May 2015 [9] studied the horizontal shear transfer along the interface of hollowcore slabs and concrete topping using 14 specimens that vary in surface  Most of these screeds are anhydrite compounds and are based on a calcium sulphate binder. A small test application is always recommended. There are many proprietary screeds on the market and information about these can be obtained from the manufacturer. Smooth new or existing concrete and approved non-porous surfaces; Suitable for use in wet Topping compounds are “soupy” and contain less adhesive than all-purpose compounds. It is supplied as a powder, which needs to be mixed with water on site and applied to a slab which has been drenched with water the day before. The structural floor system is a two-way slab. For a renovation project, the architect has specified "floor leveling underlayment" for all floors. Synthetic gypsum underlayment to repair old gypcrete floors and for use with the Renotex 3D system to create a floating floor self-leveling system over the wood structure. Nov 15, 2019 · Unsound concrete, typically found as cracks, delaminations or eroded joints, must be repaired or replaced. The product cures to a light off-white Concrete repairs may include cracks, pop outs and discoloration and even though repairing concrete can help fix some of these flaws, the repairs themselves can still be prominent and unattractive. Benefits of using Concrete Curing Compound : About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Jun 01, 1991 · How to remove curing compound before applying topping We're the general contractor for a repair project that includes applying an epoxy terrazzo floor coating on an existing concrete floor. Overcrete Cement Activator is an Acrylic Polymer which is ideal for priming concrete in readiness for the application of Overcrete Resurfacing Compound and is a very important ingredient in our Overcrete Resurfacing System. Jan 01, 2021 · The concrete ground is the base of almost any masonry project, and any crack or hole in it could lead to bigger issues. See full list on homedepot. Under normal temperature conditions, Type III concrete bonded with epoxy should not receive heavy traffic for at least two days. It sometimes costs very little extra to do a decorative topping instead of just a single colour topping. Sheetrock® Brand Topping Joint Compound is a low shrinkage, easy-to-apply drywall topping compound that requires minimal mixing. It is formulated to provide a compound that is easy to trowel into the surface of new & fresh laid concrete. ARDEX PC-T hardens fast Concrete Patch & Repair Compounds Choose LATICRETE® L&M™ concrete surface patch and repair products to repair slope or level structurally sound, concrete surfaces that are pitted, worn, scaled or spalled. 5 ratio of cement to sharp sand. 94 ($9. Step Seven: One of the benefits of using this compound is that it can be wet sanded. Non-yellowing, does not alter natural color of concrete. ) to 1/4" (6. Before the slurry dries up, the concrete is placed. Shop Drywall Joint Compound & Tape top brands at Lowe's Canada online store. Browse our concrete overlays and micro-toppings, which includes leading brands like Ardex, Rapid Set and Metzger McGuire. tex-crete. Our complete system approach works to both repair structures and prevent future problems. Oct 14, 2018 · Updated October 14, 2018. Topping compound is used less often then all purpose or lightweight mud. The color of topping is whiter than all purpose and even whiter than lightweight all purpose. Self-Leveling Concrete Compound Can Provide a Shortcut to a Sharp Look Written by David Searls on February 5, 2018 Self-leveling toppings and self-leveling overlays are for use over existing concrete substrates that are rough, uneven or unattractive. Sometimes slab surfaces deteriorate beyond recovery and it needs a facelift. DIAMOND-CRETE NON-SLIP FLOOR HARDENER. Keep in mind though that the minimum thickness for that product is 1/4". This product offers superior adhesion and durability. Unfortunately, in the presence of water and oxygen, steel corrodes. Its energy-absorbing capacity is significantly greater than plain concrete, integral fiber concrete, and high-strength natural-aggregate toppings. 7 mm) thick. The Lincoln London Style Real Sandblasted Billiard was found along with 8 other pipes at a favorite walking street antique shop in Burgas, Bulgaria. Feb 14, 2017 · As the topping concrete is placed, use stiff-bristle brushes to scrub the paste portion of the topping concrete into the SSD substrate ahead of screeding the topping surface. The overlay powder is a unique combination of marble flour, lime, fly ash, Portland cements and ultrafine aggregates. Topping a concrete slab is a great way to get a new slab. 7 - 51 mm) thick dig a small trench along the edge of the damaged surface so that forms can be set in place level with the old concrete surface. Commonly used on concrete sites that suffer’s from erosion, decade concrete, rain damage, deflection or sub straight’s that are not sustainability sound. Exterior Self-Levelling Concrete Resurfacing Compound. ARDEX K 80 is a specially formulated cement-based compound for resurfacing and levelling existing concrete floors to give a hard, smooth, flat, wearing surface, or a base suitable for paint and resin coatings. LEVEL TOP POLISH provides excellent adhesion, toughness, and long-term durability. This makes them easy to feather and sand and thus ideal for the final coat or coats. The enclosed area is continually flooded with water. 7 kg. • Furnished as a ready-to-use, true water-base compound. It can be used for filling, smoothing and levelling subfloors prior to coating, or installing tiles or other suitable floorcoverings. ARDEX PC-T installs from 3/8” - 2” (9 mm - 5 cm) neat and up to 5” (13 cm) with the addition of aggregate. Patty Ramey, product expert with H&C Decorative Concrete Products, offers these insights for using the micro-topping: Sika Worldwide What is your Region and Language? From cement and gypsum based dry mortars to ready-mixed joint compounds and synthetic plasters, Ashland spreads the wealth of its knowledge and sophisticated chemistry across applications for use in products for both commercial and residential buildings. Click the following links to see full details about each product. Preparing Concrete for Tiling or Top Dressing Preparation is key!. Joint spacing in the   The surface is first poured with the slurry made out of cement , sand and latex bonding agent. Advantage - Spec West Loomis. 5 – 2" depth) should I wait before leveling with self-leveling compound? I’m mostly concerned that it should be done shrinking/altering shape more than it reaching some sort of maximum strength. Sealing. Concrete surfaces applied with this product may be topped and rendered or have other treatments as the material will no way affect adhesion. 00 / Ton. It is used to bond two layers of concrete together, and also acts as a moisture vapour barrier between the two layers. Will not inhibit adhesion of secondary coatings, topping, or adhesives designed for concrete. ARDEX K 301™ Exterior Self-Leveling Concrete Topping. Concrete Micro-toppings (Interior/Exterior) There are a few options when it comes to enhancing exterior concrete. The inclusion of steel reinforcement improves the tensile strength of the element and, consequently, its resistance to stress. Suitable for interior and exterior use, a sealer or coating is recommended when used for a wearing surface. The concrete mix  Trust Sika floor experts to help you choose a sub-floor preparation system – from priming and moisture barriers to leveling compounds and screeds – all  Polished Concrete Topping. The resulting floor is level for applying new flooring on top. EPOXY BOND BONDING COMPOUND. Drywall dust, curing compounds, asphaltic adhesives, laitance, and other contaminants are responsible for most  Cemimax ECOTAZ is a Cementitous based levelling compound designed and based on a decorative overlay with Terrazzo Quartz and sand granular components. It levels itself to a smooth surface. SIKA Bonded Topping Mix. High performance: up to 15mm per application, suitable for external applications, suitable for underfloor heating. Fast-setting self-leveling resurfacer is a cement-based product for resurfacing concrete floors with damaged finishes or as a wear surface for light industrial floors where a hard, flat smooth surface and a quick return to service is desired Concrete & Masonry Products USG Sheetrock® Brand Topping Joint Compound requires minimal mixing, thinning, and retempering. DESCRIPTION: FLEXI-TOP 500 & 555 are heavy-duty, 100% solids, odorless epoxy mortars far patching and topping of commercial, institutional and industrial floors. This article is an excerpt from the upcoming book Guide to the Design and Construction of Toppings for Buildings published by the American Society of Concrete Contractors. Toppings are also great when a slab cannot be removed completely and needs to return to service quickly. Allow to dry for approx. Because it's lightweight and quick-drying, it's used only for the final coat. Learn more. Underlayments are installed over an existing subfloor  ARDEX PC-T. It cures monolithically providing hard & dense, non-porous concrete surface with extremely protection against wearing & abrasion Curing Concrete Overlays Thin overlays, such as terrazzo or cement mortar, must be kept moist with burlap, polyethylene sheeting or a good curing compound for 5-7 days. LATEX CONCRETE TOPPING RESURFACER. com experts show how to add a skim coat to a concrete floor, which adds strength and when colored, acts as a primer coat for the second  . ARDEX K 301 is a levelling and smoothing compound for repairing and resurfacing internal and external concrete floors and ARDEX A 38 screeds only. DESCRIPTION: LEVEL-X52is a one-part, cement-based, polymer-modified floor topping and leveling compounds designed to provide smooth and level floors with a minimum of time and labor. Self-leveling Floor Compound underlayment systems in cement base formulations to repair and level concrete floors. 5. ARDEX PC-T 4. It is not used to adhere the tape to the joint. Product Name TDS SDS Sell Sheet ESP All Shield EX Oil/Stain Resistant Penetrating Concrete Protectant All Shield WB Modified silane-siloxane concrete protectant Aqua Shine High solids, water-based acrylic sealer Berry Clean Raspberry scented solvent/cleaner/degreaser Bio Strip WB Concentrate Biodegradable, water-based form release concentrate Bio Strip WB Continue Reading Concrete forms and rebar and remesh reinforce your structure, so it is strong and stable. There are some types of concrete resurfacers designed for use only on concrete substrates, while others can be used both on concrete or as a leveling compound when preparing plywood subfloors for flooring materials. This term was formerly known as high strength concrete topping. This thin cementitious topping for interior applications is a durable, cost-effective alternative to replacing old, worn concrete. ARDEX K 500™ is a self-leveling, no troweling topping for fast track resurfacing, smoothing or leveling of indoor concrete. Floor topping, industrial, self smoothing epoxy resin system (2 - 4 mm thickness). Formulated as a premium system for levelling and repairing concrete floors Creating& adding beauty, easy maintenance, and long lasting value to existing concrete Concrete Stains · Overlays & Micro Toppings · Sealing & Curing Compounds  20 Oct 2020 Refer to BRANZ Bulletin 389 for information on concrete toppings. USES Floor Topping Compound is used as a leveling mortar on concrete floors prior to the application of carpet, vinyl, tiles, parquet, etc and can also be used to level Concrete Topping MasterTop® 300 Heavy-duty metallic-aggregate topping FORMERLY MAsT ERTOp® AnvIL-TOp® 300 DEIOsCRIpT n MasterTop 300 is a cement-based metallic-aggregate floor topping. Both are 6 months old. It provides extra heavy-duty protection in key areas subject to extreme abrasion and impacts. 39. com Dec 01, 2020 · Even the best concrete can have cracks, discoloration, pop outs, and other flaws. Flo-Coat® Concrete Resurfacer – Polymer modified concrete resurfacing material requiring only the addition of clean potable water. They were regularly used to overcome the  22 May 2011 My idea is to apply 1. 5 N/mm² after 3 dayssuitable sealers, densifiers and coatings when installed as a concrete topping ARDEX K 301 is a self-leveling Portland cement-based topping and underlayment for fast-track resurfacing and smoothing for exterior and interior applications over concrete, porous tile and certain non-porous surfaces when properly prepared. Water-based Concrete Curing Compound A leading edge technology, clear concrete curing compound that was developed to cure concrete as well as resolve compatibility issues related to flooring adhesives. Topping concrete is defined as a layer of high strength concrete placed on an old, worn out concrete surface to provide a dense, abrasion-resistant surface, to increase structural depth and strength of the base concrete. Subfloor Preparation & Levelling. BASF crystalline waterproofing technology is available as a waterproof coating for concrete, or an integral admixture for concrete, for use in both above and below grade applications. I have a metal roof. Concrete Floor Toppings. Ideal for retail environments, restaurants, public buildings, entry ways, offices to warehouse or manufacturing areas with moderate industrial loads. Feb 17, 2020 · Sand/Topping Mix Preblended combination of cement and sand (no gravel) High-strength mix provides a creamy texture ideal for troweling to a smooth finish: Use for applications from 1/2- to 2-in thickness Can be used as an overlay when repairing and topping damaged concrete Use as a base for laying flagstone and paving bricks applied to fresh concrete slabs as a monolithic topping or to hardened concrete slabs as a separately bonded topping. Designed specifically to accommodate heavy traffic, use ARDEX ARDISEAL RAPID PLUS indoors to fill cracks and joints in concrete floors that will receive both foot and heavy-duty rubber-wheeled traffic. May 08, 2020 · After concrete is placed, the concrete increases in strength very quickly for a period of 3-7 days. ARDEX K 500 can be installed from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ (6 mm to 3. Dec 31, 2018 · Provides an extremely hard finish without depth limitations. Concrete Dressing. This is an interior floor where I’m adding more concrete on top This item United States Gypsum 380051 Sheetrock Topping Joint Compound U S GYPSUM 385140 385140004 All Purpose Joint Compound, 1 Gal DAP Wallboard Joint Compound 3lb Jan 09, 2017 · Tough-as-Nails Performance of Schönox DSP Polishable Overlay. 0 out of 5 stars 8 $107. ft. Topping compound is a low-shrinking compound that goes on smoothly and offers a very strong bond. Ordinary concrete needs to have at least 2” thickness, PRIME SELF-LEVELING MORTAR may be applied thinly . Mar 03, 2015 · REZKLAD® E-FLOORING COMPOUND LT DESCRIPTION 127 lb. It's no wonder, then, that many homeowners think their only option for improving the look of unsightly concrete is to rip it out and replace it. For epoxy compounds, take care to mix the two parts in the exact proportions described on the packaging. 172. The substrate is a cast-in-place, structural concrete slab 8" to 9 1/4" thick spanning 28-feet, built in 1950 and designed for 125psf. topping with superior open time and flow u u u u u u u u Ultratop® High-Performance, Quick-Setting, Self-Leveling Concrete Topping High-quality topping for finished flooring systems u u u u u u u u Patching and Skimcoating Compounds (p. Topping compound is also used for texturing. There are several ways to install subflooring above the rigid foam: you can use either one or two layers of plywood or OSB, and the subflooring can either be fastened to the concrete with long Tapcon screws or it can simply float above the foam. subsequent coating or topping for application approval over resin-based curing compounds. Self-leveling compounds are cement-based powdered mixtures that a worker prepares before application. DIYNetwork. The overlay material can be a simple mixture of sand and cement or it can actually be a real concrete mixture that includes small pieces of stone or even large stones depending upon the thickness of Sealant and admixture solutions Crystalline waterproofing is a technology that involves the development of crystals to help achieve watertight concrete structures. They help to repair concrete defects, improve appearance, restore structural integrity, increase durability and extend the structure’s longevity. 4 – 12. Nitoflor SL. The compound fills in the concrete dips and covers the bumps. It is important to form a solid base for the new topping. The next pipe on my worktable affords me the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane. LEVEL TOP STAIN can be integrally colored, dyed, stained, and epoxy coated for a decorative finish. Currently the vinyl is likely rated at 10 years, the torch on 20 years? and the metal roof somewhere close to 50. The use of a shrinkage-reducing admixture in the concrete mix can reduce the shrinkage strains that could develop in the topping slab. Ordinary concrete does not adhere to the surface of the old concrete, whereas PRIME SELF-LEVELING MORTAR bonds tenaciously. Quick drying floor levelling compound concrete topping. 10) Mapecem® Quickpatch Interior/Exterior, Fast-Setting, High-Flow Concrete Patch A method of forming an integrated cementatious floor topping at a site, comprising the steps of: assessing the site and preparing a sampling of materials and colors, which are blended and poured to meet a client's specification; prepping the site having a subsurface to accept and to allow a comprehensive bond with a concrete mixture to be poured; combining additives to the concrete mixture and pouring the mixture; troweling and then curing the mixture surface; beginning polishing the surface Information Exterior Self-Levelling Concrete Resurfacing Compound ARDEX K 301 is ideal for resurfacing exterior concrete areas including damaged drives, paths, patios and larger surface areas such as car parks and courtyards. Resincoat self levelling compound is a polymer rich, high strength, single part, self-smoothing resurfacing screed which is ideal for smoothing or leveling uneven or damaged concrete floors. 2. I'd like to resurface an already somewhat level but tarnished concrete floor with a self-leveling cement-based compound and to raise the floor level as little as possible; I've found compounds like Mira 6700 where the manufacturer specified layer thickness starts at 1 mm, so presumably the compound should be able to level itself even as a thin 18 Aug 2010 Pouring A Concrete Topping Floor. Cemtop XD. Mix the leveling compound as directed on the packaging. This product is usually not labeled as being dry. Cement-Based, Self-Levelling Compound for Creating Polished Concrete Floors; Can be applied from 10- 50mm  As such, the BluCem RF20 features a unique chemical compound that ensures it rapidly sets and increases in strength. 5 - 2" depth) should I wait before leveling with self-leveling compound? I'm mostly concerned that it should be done shrinking/altering shape more than it reaching some sort of maximum strength. A well-finished, long-lasting floor looks beautiful each and every day of its life, and not only because of the floor covering/coating on top, but also the sub-floor preparation and layers underneath. Lump-Sum: If the Bid Schedule indicates a lump-sum for concrete topping slabs, the lump-sum method of measurement and payment will be in accordance with Section 01 20 00 - Price and Payment Procedures, Article 1. BON-KRETE BONDING COMPOUND. FLEXI-TOP 550 is a self-leveling surfacing system providing heavy-duty protection at l/8" to 1/4" thickness or more. A low shrinkage, easily applied and ARDEX K 301™ Exterior Self-Leveling Concrete Topping is a self-leveling topping and underlayment for fast-track resurfacing and smoothing for exterior and interior applications over concrete and approved, properly prepared, non-porous surfaces, including terrazzo, epoxy coatings and ceramic and quarry tile – on, above or below grade. Cement-Based, Self-Levelling Compound for Creating Polished Concrete Floors; Can be applied from 10-50mm without aggregate If you have purchased the compound that sets up in 45 minutes, then you only mix up as much as you can apply to the wall or ceiling in 22 minutes. Big box stores typically offer a selection of topping compound. 8 mm. Datasheet. Determine the maximum spacing between joints (in feet) by multiplying the planned concrete thickness (in inches) by 2. KORUMDON NON-SLIP ABRASIVE GRITS. USES Whether it’s a question of cosmetic concrete repairs for a more attractive finish or installing hard-wearing surfaces in commercial and industrial applications, ARDEX offers the right products … SAKRETE concrete topping & resurfacing products offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement and will restore your concrete surfaces to a like-new finish. Levelling a concrete topping. Application BST Lightweight Concrete and how it is used as a floor or roof topping. This article is an excerpt from the upcoming book Guide to the Design and Construction of Toppings for Buildings published by the American Society of Concrete Contractors . ). LEVEL TOP STAIN is an easy-to-use, self-leveling re-surfacing compound, designed for use on either new or worn concrete substrates. Cementitious floor topping, internal trafficable wearing surface (6 - 12 mm thickness). All-Purpose Compound: As an alternative drying type of drywall mud, all purpose compound can be used in lieu of both taping and topping compound. E-Cure is a spray applied concrete cure, hardener and dustproofer. 1. Is a two component, concrete repair and topping compound consisting of a premixed blend of portland cements and graded washed silica aggregates with a liquid latex modifier to promote lasting surface adhesion. Concrete which is moist cured for 7 days is about 50% stronger than uncured concrete. 5 – 2" depth) should I wait before leveling with self-leveling compound? I’m mostly concerned that it should be done shrinking/altering shape more than it reaching some sort of maximum strength. Box 253 Hamel, MN 55340 Phone: 1-800-356-7887 or (763) 478-9600 Fax: (763) 478-2431 Product Description: How long after pouring a thin layer of concrete (sand topping between . Sika concrete repair mortars are suitable for restoration work, repair of spalling and damaged concrete in all types of structures including buildings, bridges, infrastructure and super-structures. Standard-Grade, Self-Leveling Topping/Underlayment. Sika's specially designed products will repair and patch concrete spalls, cracks, prevent The Deferred Topping The best industrial concrete floor are constructed with a separate surface- a deferred topping. Modify mix with Bostik SBR. Fast – install in the evening and re-open for business the next day; Withstands heavy wheeled traffic and has excellent abrasion Topping compound. Floor hardener / densifier for cementitious surfaces CR-90 Versatile, high performance, cement based, concrete resurfacer Makes old concrete "Better than New". Furnished as a ready-to-use, true water-based compound. Like any topping, surface preparation is key. ARDEX manufacture a range of award winning latex and water-based smoothing, floor levelling and self-levelling compounds for internal and external use. A self leveling compound is a chemical mixture used to smooth uneven concrete or wooden floors. This may be layers of plastic sheeting, roofing felt, or waterproof building paper, or it can be a wax-based curing compound. This method of finishing concrete is not designed for leveling the surface, Joint Compounds: Utilization of Taping Compound, Topping Compound, All Purpose  18 Nov 2019 If you have a concrete garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, or patio that is starting to show its age, you are left with two options: You can demolish  Find Cemix 25kg Easyflor Levelling Compound at Bunnings Warehouse. Non-flammable/VOC Compliant/odorless. A smooth, flat sub-floor is essential for a successful floor covering installation. The original FIRM-FILL® Gypsum Concrete floor underlayment is designed for use in multi-family housing to satisfy acoustical ratings and fire codes. Five Star products is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of precision nonshrink cement and epoxy grouts, concrete restoration materials, coatings and adhesives, cementitious, grouting, grout, fast set cement, rapid set cement, adhesives, epoxy, concrete, concrete repair, patching, waterproofing, crack repair, bonding, anchoring. High-Performance, Polishable Concrete Topping Ultratop PC is a polishable, self-leveling, cementitious topping. Roberts 16 is a highly water resistant, self smoothing, self levelling cementitious compound specifically designed for repairing and resurfacing both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. 832. Concrete Solutions Stamp-Top 1/4″ stampable overlay is a just-add-water, polymer modified cementitious compound which can be applied over existing surfaces and stamped 1/4 – 1/2″ (6. Level Plus Effect technology produces flat, absorbent substrates for carpet and resilient floor coverings of all types. It works best on inside applications and horizontal surfaces generating a smooth neat surface that otherwise will be almost impossible. com 1/2 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET DESCRIPTION BondCrete is a premium quality, single component, polymer modified, cement-based slurry with excellent bonding properties. It is many times used for texture applications. 03. Fine aggregates are typically sand or crushed stone. This is an interior floor where I’m adding more concrete on top Cementitious floor topping internal and external trafficable waterproofing product. With excellent STC and IIC ratings as well as over 100 UL listings, FIRM-FILL® Gypsum Concrete floor underlayment is an excellent choice for jobs needing compressive strengths up to 2000 psi. C. - Granolithic topping: A topping mix with the coarse aggregate restricted to between 2 and 3 mm. Resists acids, oils, greases, salts and tire marks Polished Concrete Topping Description and Usage ARDEX PC-T™ Polished Concrete Topping is a self-drying, self-leveling blend of Portland cements and other hydraulic cements for creating polished concrete floors. Water curing can be done after the slab pour by building dams with soil around the house and flooding the slab. How long after pouring a thin layer of concrete (sand topping between . Sakrete is a name-brand concrete mix and is commonly used for things like fence posts and a variety of flat surfaces. B. Also can be used as an additive for mortar, render and concrete to increase strength and adhesion. E-Cure penetrates and forms a temporary membrane to cure, densify, harden and dustproof concrete essential for proper strength Ultratop PC. It may be applied onto either a solid in-situ concrete ground floor slab or onto a precast concrete floor unit. 3. Topping compound is the ideal mud to use after the first two coats of taping compound have been applied to a taped drywall joint. 5. How long after pouring a thin layer of concrete (sand topping between . Key Features. FLEX-KRETE FLOOR RESURFACER. If you are going to tile over concrete or resurface the concrete with a concrete dressing or self New concrete requires special treatment . com A concrete topping is a resurfacing compound with specific performance characteristics to improve the surface of the concrete, help with waterproofing and traffic, make it possible to work safely on the floor, and make the area look better. ARDEX K 301 can also be used as a wear surface in workshops, domestic A floor screed is usually a cementitious material made from a 1:3 or 1:4. Wear rated, cement based self-leveling compound and concrete topping designed for a variety of applications over existing concrete. Concrete toppings is an alternative choice to concrete polishing or staining. MEADOWS comes MEADOW-PATCH SMOOTH-GRADE – a single-component, polymer-modified, cement-based, sands-free material used for achieving an ultra-smooth finish on precast, cast-in-place, tilt-up or other unfinished concrete surfaces. DO NOT apply a polymer system over any concrete modified topping, underlayment system, or patches unless otherwise approved by the manufacturer. QUIKRETE Vinyl Concrete Patcher or QUIKRETE Concrete Patching Compound may be used. Unit Prices: If the Bid Schedule indicates a unit price for concrete topping slabs, the unit-price New from W. Simply, it will be called joint compound with the qualifiers ready-mixed or pre-mixed omitted. True, it is not easy to deal with concrete, and sometimes it is HARD, but with the right choice, you will do whatever repairs or masonries that you need. Oct 30, 2017 · Flooring leveling compound is a versatile product that has many applications for leveling and finishing concrete floors. 832 / 172  5 Feb 2018 Self-leveling toppings can be poured over existing concrete surfaces you Self- Leveling Concrete Compound Can Provide a Shortcut to a  Try ARDEX K 301 an exterior self-leveling concrete topping, ideal for fast-track resurfacing and smoothing concrete and certain non-porous surfaces. It is a non-coloured powder  QUIKRETE sand/topping mix consist of uniformly blended mixture of portland cement and commercial grade sands, used for repairing and topping damaged  such as steel trowelling, burnishing or honing the surface of the concrete. The dry product must be mixed with potable water in a separate container to form workable mud. For over a century, The Euclid Chemical Company has served the global building market as a worldwide quality supplier of specialty products and technical support services for the concrete and masonry construction industry. The mixed compound remains fluid for approximately 20 minutes • Pour material in continuous strips about 1' (305 mm) in width across the narrow section of floor. 3855 Taylor Road Loomis, CA 95650 Contact Information. the screed or topping, the designer needs to consider: • the finished floor surface; • the screed/topping/direct finished slab surface; • the base slab to receive a screed or topping. Duraamen’s Uberdek polymer modified concrete dressing/overlay and Skraffino micro topping are engineered to be ultra-durable in outdoor environments and versatile in their installation. self leveling compound for self-leveling concrete . Ultratop PC is engineered to provide a thin resurfacing material that is extremely dense, hard and durable. Its non-rusting characteristics and high density make it suitable for interior or exterior exposure. When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves. Applies quickly, providing easy workability, excellent slip and bond, and low shrinkage. Dunlop Ardit Floor Leveller is a high-quality levelling cement with superior qualities of flow and workability. SPECIAL PROPERTIES. The floor is 1 year old and was treated with a cure-and-seal product after it was poured. 5″ of concrete on top of the vinyl deck surface and a concrete topping product over top of the small torch on roof. Overcrete Resurfacing Compound is a dry powder component of a 3 part system specially designed to rejuvenate existing concrete. concrete topping compound